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  • Fridge magnet about Szolnok, Budapest, Hungary 500 HUF
  • Emblemed pens about Szolnok 300 HUF, Key ring Szolnok 500-690.HUF, short  and long eared canvas bags, hungarian, szolnok mugs 2300-2500 HUF
  • Ceramics, pearl, straw,  jewells, handmade products, badges
  • Canvas bags
  • Paper decorative bags smal-medium -big size: 350-550 HUF
  • Lace products, lace jewells
  • Postcard about Szolnok, 100-150 HUF
  • János Damjanich Museum gregarious games, employement booklets 3500-4500 HUF
  • Spirits of Szicsek
  • Szolnok lace chocolate : 500 HUF
  • Szolnok bon-bon ( Image Region Series, pre- order needed) 2490 HUF
  • "Egy csepp Tisza-tó"  handemade chocolate  750 -1500 HUF
  • Hungarian gift things: Lavender bag, haversack, national colour products
  • "Jonatán" Plush Pelican 2990 HUF
  • Szolnok puzzle 700 HUF
  • BOOKS:
  • Color and Back– History of folk dance festivals of Szolnok 2500 HUF
  • Big Help in a little booklet manual for familily research 1. 2. 3. 1500 HUF
  • Tamás Kardos: Nostalgic picture books 3500 HUF
  • Szolnok the Capital of Tisza picture book 2000 HUF
  • Tale flowers of Tisza with cd: 2000 HUF
  • József Béres: Beautiful Hungarian Song, books of  drops of life
  • János Damjanich Museum: László Bokros 6000 HUF
  • János Damjanich  Museum: Tibor Pólya 5000 HUF
  • Zsolt Bajnai: The moved world, Backgreetings  2500 HUF
  •  Imre Nagy Dr.: Stars forverer 2000 HUF
  • István Bali: Hungarian Polish relationships in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county 3990 HUF
  • Castles, Museums in Hungary picture book 4900 HUF

Szolnok book

"Jonatán" Plush Pelican

Szolnok Gifts : wooden ornaments, coasters, notebooks, matches fridge magnets, bags

Ceramics fridge magnets



Hungarian Products

Fridge Magnets
Szolnok and hungarian mugs      Lavender bags

Key ring

"Egy csepp Tisza-tó" handemade chocolate 

Dolls in folk costume