Sörárium Interactive Beer Museum

Sörárium Interactive Beer Museum Map
The exhibition can be viewed free of charge in our restaurant during ...

Address: 5000. Szolnok Kossuth Sq. 9. Telephone: +36 20 282 8822 Museums, Galleries

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Tisza Path in Rákóczifalva

Tisza Path in Rákóczifalva Map

Address: 5085. Rákóczifalva Tisza bank Nature

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Path in Tiszavárkony

Address: 5092. Tiszavárkony Endre Király street Nature

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Éden Birdpark in Rákóczifalva

Éden Birdpark in Rákóczifalva Map

Address: 5085. Rákóczifalva Vasvári Pál st. 48. Telephone: +36702680009 Nature

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Közép-Tisza Protected Area

Közép-Tisza Protected Area Map

Address: 5000. Szolnok Rezeda st 20. Telephone: +3656376899 Nature

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Alcsi-Holt Tisza in Szolnok

Alcsi-Holt Tisza in Szolnok Map

Address: 5000. Szolnok Alcsi-Holt-Tisza Telephone: +3656501900 Nature

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Malomzugi Holt-Zagyva

Malomzugi Holt-Zagyva Map
The Holt-Zagyva is located north of Szolnok. It's about 3 ...

Address: 5000. Szolnok Holt-Zagyva Telephone: +3656/230-017 Nature

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