Attractions in Szolnok

Dear Visitor!
We invite you to have sightseeing in Szolnok! If you follow the listed sights then you will walk the town round till the end of the day and can know the attractivenesses of Szolnok!
Big Church of inner city/ Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church
The oldest monument of Szolnok can be found near the river Tisza, it is the former Franciscan parish –church and monastery, which was built for more than 30 years since 1724. Its decorated Baroque pulpit is unique; and the church shows real Baroque splendour inside. The speciality of its altarpiece is that people are shown in Hungarian garment. All the year round the church is a home for excellent, popular classical – and light music concerts.
Sinagogue – Gallery             
One of the most beautiful buildings of Szolnok on the Tisza-bank is the former Sinagogue built in romantic – Moorish style, Gallery today, which is currently one of the largest exhibition halls of the country and also excellent place for concerts. Opening hours of Gallery from Tuesdays to Sundays: 9:00-17:00, Mondays: day off, WEBSITE:, it is open on state celebrations, while closed on church ones.
Reformed Church can be found on the Sóház Street side of Tisza-bank, which is one of the most spectacular churches of the town. It was built in neo – Gothic style, has regular pentagonal building, most valuable part of which is the pulpit made of larch. At night the church has moody illumination, which is unique.
In the neighbourhood of the church the largest playing yard of Tisza-bank promenade can be found.
Adress: 5000. Szolnok Templom út 2. Telephone: 06 56 / 513 640
Szigligeti Theatre
The Szigligeti Theatre is one of cultural life centres of the county. It received the current, modern neo-secessionist form in 1991. Szolnok has had stone theatre since 1912, which was reconstructed several times in the course of time. The name-giving person of the theatre is Ede Szigligeti, whose bronze sculpture is standing on the side of building facing the river Tisza. On the other side of the street, facing the building of theatre, the “room theatre” of Szolnok called Szín-Mû-Hely can be found and also a popular gift shop “Angyalbolt”.
Telephone: 56/422-902, WEBSITE:
RepTar Aircraft Museum Szolnok
The RepTár Museum of Szolnok, Hungary, is a unique aviation history exhibition in Central- Eastern Europe. It includes 4,500 m² of indoor exhibition space on a remarkable total area of 60,000 m². The museum is more than just a huge aircraft park. Beside the retired and restored airplanes there are several interactive devices offering special experiences to the visitors. The RepTár is not only an exhibition space, it is also a theme park offering different activities and entertainment to those in love with aviation, as well as to families and groups of friends.
Hotel Tisza and Spa
This spectacular building can be found on the Tisza-bank, which is one of symbols in Szolnok. The Spa gives atmosphere of Turkish times, it is pleasant to rest and useful to be cured and relaxed in its cupola hall. Two hot water pools, sauna and steam cabin await the visitors. Medicinal water has extraordinary good quality and suitable for drinking cure as well. On the outer wall of the building – facing the river Tisza – everyone can consume this curing water from the well to one’s liking, which is 55˚ C hot and comes up from the depth of 880 metres, called „Áldás” artesian water. The three - star hotel awaits visitors with 29 old-styled rooms.
Telephone: 56/510-850 WEBSITE:
Damjanich-statue and Tabán
Damjanich-statue can be found on the bank of river Zagyva, next to river mouth, which is one of symbols of Szolnok. The monument was made of Carrara marble. It was erected for memory of heroism of János Damjanich Hungarian Army general and his brave soldiers fighting during the independence war of 1848-49. We celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012.
Tabán can be found on the other side of Zagyva. This district of the town preserves the street structure of the former fishing hamlet of Szolnok – in a renewed, modern form. On the riverbank the visitors can walk, cultivate sports, biking, enjoying vicinity of nature. In winter, Zagyva-dike and Zagyva-hills are popular sledge sites.
Rosarium – Garden of Hungarian roses
It is one of the most gorgeous open-air areas of Szolnok, which can be found between Kossuth square and Tisza-bank. Speciality of the park is that native rose species of Hungary were planted here. The flowers attract those people with their brilliant scent who deligh in the park and have some rest. Here found rose species are very decorative ones and mainly represented only in improvement sites, collections of species. In the garden can be found the Béres Drinking well, its cooled artesian water has curative effect. The drop shaped drinking well, -which was erected for memory of Dr. József Béres, inventor of famous Béres-drop- worthily decorates appearance of the town and cures its water-drinking people.
Next to Rosarium can be found Verseghy-park: its flowerbeds, nice plashes and sculptures give beautiful view to visitors. The Verseghy-bust won Grand Prix-prize on the World Exhibition held in Paris, 1937. 
Artist Colony
“The Artist Colony is similar to Szolnok, like Eiffel-tower to Paris. It opens from the town and almost the town can be recognised from it.” It is the oldest artist colony of the country, which has continuously worked since 1902 in the area of the former fortress of Szolnok. Painters, sculptures and graphic artists have created here for 111 years. The Garden Gallery has worked since 2002 and awaits monthly visitors with new exhibition. In addition to above-mentioned, numerous exhibitions of national significance are organised: ARTicum Biennale of Fine Arts, Particum Biennale Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Exhibitions of Painting Day, exhibitions of Association of Fine Arts in Szolnok. Annually, several times the Artist Colony is introduced on significant exhibitions in Hungary and abroad as well. If you are here at the end of June, please, do not miss the ARTjáró All-Arts Festival, which is a real passage between the classical and comtemporary arts – on occasion of birthday of the Artist Colony. You are also invited to Artist Colony pig-killing event organised in every February.
Opening hours: The Gallery can be visited on each day –except Monday - between 10-16, on other dates and in case of request for guiding and visiting studio, contact in advance is required. INFORMATION: 56/230-605, www.,  Adress: 5000. Szolnok. Gutenberg tér 12
Mayfly pedestrian - and bicyclist bridge
The Mayfly pedestrian –and bicyclist bridge is the newest pride of Szolnok, which is 444 m long. It is the longest pedestrian bridge of Central Europe, which connets the inner city with Tiszaliget, the “lung” of the town. At the bridgehead on the Tiszaliget side a spectacular lock-wall was created by inhabitants of the town, while at the bridgehead on the town side can be found the most favourite event square, the square of Tisza shipmen and a fountain called „Mating flight of day-flies”. On the square many events await visitors from June to end of August, in every year.

Kossuth square and János Damjanich Museum
It is one of favourite public squares of Szolnok, which always fulfilled a central role. In the past here was the central marketplace, where Lajos Kossuth spoke in public as well. The square is a favourite place of children and adults with its nice genre sculptures and spectacular system of fountain. In winter the square gives place to Christmas village, when the square wears its full dress and savoury smell of boiled wine and atmosphere of Christmas cover the square. On the wall of stone stage a bronze table (also provided with brei writing) preaches that what was the fortress of Szolnok like in the Middle Ages.
On the Kossuth Square we can find the János Damjanich Museum, in the building of which the famous Hungarian Royal Hotel operated previously. This is first museum in Hungary, which twice received the honoured professional reward „Museum of the year”. Besides its permanent and temporary exhibitions it is also the Szolnok station of thematic and interactive programme series titled “In footsteps of Jászkun captains”.
Open: Except Mondays: 9:00 – 17:00,

Széchenyi Park Forest and Eco-tourism Centre, “Bagolyvár” Game Reserve
In Széchenyi Park Forest you can walk, ride bicycle or horse on a tourist path system of 125 ha. On the “Nedves” grass can be found an outdoor cooking- and fire-laying place. On the touristic study path you can also meet ten tables equipped with map, where you can walk the whole path by solvig playful tasks.
In the area of Park Forest the largest eco-playing yard of the country, of 1,2 ha awaits children.
The Forest Cultural House offers forest-, forest school-and nursery programmes to guests. The aim is that children live to see appearances, events of nature, as aesthetic experience as well. Offered programme opportunities: early morning game watch, bravery probe at night, water quality test, habitat inspections, making toys from natural materials, pottery making, bread baking in oven. The facility also has youth accommodations.
In the “Bagolyvár” Game Reserve you can know game species, domestic- and hobby animals of Hungary. Children can feed, pet the animals living here and watch their behaviour and customs in natural environment.
ADDRESS: Kaán Károly street 71.