Bicycle trip to the Beke Pál hill

Bicycle trip to the Beke Pál hill.

Our trip's target is a cultic place which is a part of the most valued cultural heritages of Szolnok.It is a 100 and 3 meter high hill and it is located in Szandaszőlős,Szolnok's pheriphery.It was named after Beke Pál who was a famous gallant back in the turkish invasion.On the way back from the trip you can admire the beautiful nature of the Holt-Tisza.The total distance of the trip is 26 km.

Trip route: Hild János square- Szapáry street- throught the Mayflower bridge – turning on the left on the Tisza grove to the Tisza grove ramp  - Turn on the right: Centipede bridge- Kertész street - under the overpass of the road 4 along the cycle path along road 442. - In Szandaszőlős on the left to the Homokbányai street - BEKE PÁL HILL- Homokbányai street - Kölcsey street - Vörösmező street - road 442. - under the road 4, then crossing the street by the crosswalk- Tiszavirág street - Holt-Tiszapart street- Turning on the left: Debreceni street- Roundabout - Kertész street - Tisza bridge - Kossuth square

Affected attractions:
Throught the Szapáry street you can visit the stunning buildings which was designed in art nouveau style.When you reached the Tiszai sailor’s square you can see the Art gallery of Szolnok,the hungarian national flag and a first world war memorial.

The most spectacular sight on the river Tisza is the rising of the may-flies.This extraordinary creature has a statue next to the Mayflower bridge.This is the longest footbridge in middle-eastern Europe.From the bridge you can see the beautiful panoramic view to the city.

Turning into the Kertész street there is a roundabout.In the middle of the roundabout there is a huge MI-24 military helicopter.On the road throught the bridge you can see the Holt-Tisza.

When you get to the top of the Beke Pál Hill you can find healing benches,a cross and a Mary-gate and you can see the Great Hungarian Plain and feel the calming energy.

The Holt-Tisza coast is a very popular suburb for the habitants of Szolnok.There are a lot of weekend houses there.It is extremely popular for fishing and bird-watching.There are a well-known kayak and canoe track on the river as well.
Finally the last sight of the trip is the Kossuth square which has got a  beautiful fountain sorrounded  by smaller statues.
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