Cyling trip around Szolnok along the river Tisza and Zagyva

One day on two wheels
Cyling trip around Szolnok along the river Tisza and Zagyva.
We offer you a bicycle trip what you can do individually.This trip takes place thought the downtown side of the rivers but the natural beauty of the two rivers are guaranteed.On this trip you can see the most popular sights of Szolnok.

Tour route:
Hild János square- Kossuth square- Zagyva bridge- Zagyva coast promenade- Zagyva footbridge- Zagyva dam- Guttenberg square- Zagyva bridge- Verseghy park- Tisza-park- Tiszai sailors's square-Mayflower bridge- Tisza grove- on the right from the Squash court to the dam , behind the boating lake, then throught the dam to the Mayflower bridge- Tisza coast's promenade- Dr. Hegedűs Lajos promenade- RepTár.
Distance:8 km
Affected attractions:
 On the Hild János square you can visit the music tower and the Aba-Novák Cultural centre which is  the heart of the city.

Kossuth Square and Kossuth street:You can see the Damjanich János Museum,the fountain,the Mayor’s Office and the City Hall.

The Zagya coast and the promenade.It used to be a fisihing village now it is a living area where you can see the famous countryhouse of Szolnok.


Photo: Lescsinszky Zoltán

The Guttenberg Square is filled with famous sights such as the Szolnok castle or the statue of Damjanich János which is also a memorial.


Nursery of Artists
Parks and stautes along the river Tisza: the Verseghy park which was built in baroque style,the Rose garden where you can find all the native hungarian roses and the bust of Zounok reeve ,who was the name giver of our city,Szolnok.

Sky-high buildings,cupolas and churches near the river Tisza.There are four different churches for four different religion.

Photo: Back Veronika
You can go across the river on the Mayflower bridge and see the amazing Tisza and enjoy the atmoshpere of the city.

On your way back to the city centre we suggest you to visit the RepTár  which is an interactive military aviation museum in the end of the Tisza coast.

More information:
Tourinform  Office Szolnok
5000 Szolnok, Hild János square 1. Mobile: 56/420-704