In the footsteps of the water of arthenic

In the footsteps of the water arthenic-Bicycle trip in Szolnok

There are  numerous points in Szolnok where you can find arthenic water.It is a very famous natural treasure of the country.On our bicyle trip we are going to visit all the artesian wells while exploring the most famous sights of the city.

Tour route: Eötvös square – Baross street - Szapáry street – Tisza coast promenade– Dr. Béres József promenade - Verseghy Park – Zagyva coast promenade– Várkonyi István square– then along the Zagyva coast promenade to the Széchenyi cityside– From the Zagyva coast promenade to the rambling broadwalk and to the Egyetértés street – Széchenyi István boulevard– Széchenyi Parkforest.
 Distance: 10 km.

Affected attractions:
Eötvös square:
The water tower in the middle of the city is an industrial monument.You can find the artesian well near the square and there are a modern playground for the children as well.

                                                                             Photo:Lescsinszky Zoltán        
Szapáry street:This is the oldest street in the city and you can see beautiful buildings which were built in art noveau style.

Tiszai sailor’s square:From this square you can go across the river Tisza on the Mayflower bridge which is the longest footbridge of middle-eastern Europe.The bridge is 444 meter long and it was built in 2011.


Photo: Lescsinszky Zoltán

Tisza coast promenade:The  Hotel Tisza and Thermal Bath is a neo-baroque style building complex and it has an artesian well which is located in the promenade.The water has a high quaility taste and it is extermely healthy.
Photo: Lescsinszky Zoltán

The Verseghy park and the Rose garden:You can find the bust of Ferenc Verseghy who was the most famous Szolnok born person in the history.In the rose garden there are numerous beautiful hungarian roses.

Photo: Lescsinszky Zoltán
The Zagyva coast promenade: The reeve artesian well

Várkonyi István square:The triangle shape Várkonyi square is located between the Ispán boulevard and the river Zagyva.You can find a historical memorial park where you can visit  the memorial of the thirteen martrys of Arad.Next to the memorial there is a modern playground for the children .The artesian well is near by the playground.

Széchenyi cityside: The széchényi artesian well

The széchenyi parkforest and eco-touristic centre:In the 200 acres big forest you can find a bike road,horse road and a walking path as well.On the road you can feel the pure nature and you can admire the view.There are a huge playground for the children and the Bagolyvár tourist trail is a perfect choice for the whole family.They can spend an afternoon in the forest exploring the area with the help of maps and different kind of challenges.


Photo: Vajk Ödön
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