The country of natural waters along the river Zagyva and Tisza

The country of natural waters

We offer this trip for people who want to escape from the city and enjoy the pure nature.In the spring time the nature reborns,along the river’s coast everything start to green out,the flowers are blooming and the migrant birds are returning to their nests.You  can feel the endless freedom and you  can do this trip by bike or by foot.This field used to be filled with battle noises because all the spring campaign used to take place there.
Útvonal: Szabadság square -Along on the right side of the river Zagyva Zagyva coast promenade - Tabán - Zagyva coast's promenade - under the train bridge - Zagyva dam -Turning on the right to the Malomszögi bridge - Trought the bridge until reaching the Zagyva dam's left side,the left side of the Zagyva dam-by turning the left dam again and turning right to reach the northern end of the Holt-Zagyvawe go to the south end of the Holt-Zagyva dam, which turns left and goes along the Holt-Zagyva dam-we turn back to the river Zagyva, we go through the curve under the railway bridge - we reach the art settlement along the Zagyva dam-we go through the Nyári Lőrinc bridge-we return to the Szabadság Square
Distance:12 km

Photo: Back Veronika

Affected attractions,natural treasures:

In the  Szabadság Square there is a roundabout.In the middle of the roundabout there is a memorial of the Szolnok’s battle.You can turn to the Tabán from the Mary-pillar.The Tabán is a historical part of the city but also a living area next to the Zagyva coast.You can visit the countryhouse there ,which still  keeps the old,historical atmosphere

Next step is the Várkonyi Square where you can see  the memorial of the thirteen martrys of Arad.Along the Zagyva coast you can see the river Zagyva and the beautiful nature which is a part of the Natura 2000 nature reservation program

The malomszög bridge which is the fifth bridge on the river Zagyva.

The north end of the Holt-Zagyva:This untouched area has got a very rich waterworld and you can see the nests of numerous birds as well.

The south end of the Holt-Zagyva:This side is  located closer to  the city,because of this ,it is a very popular place along people who like fishing.


Photo: Back Veronika

Througth the trip you can see numerous bridges and the end of your trip, on the corner of the Nyári Lőrinc bridge there is a  memorial of Damjanich János .



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